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D.Core aims to offer a comprehensive range of wooden products, serving several industry manufacturers, as well as the home and office furniture market.

Launched in 2021 to meet soaring demand for specialized wooden products, and to help satisfy the GCC’s growing developmental needs, D.Core aims to capture the market share and eventually become a market leader in its segment by offering desirable wooden products using state-of-the-art equipment. D.Core, aims to become the GCC’s leading providers of wooden products, serving approximately 95% of government and offshore manufacturers in Bahrain, covering multiple industry sectors and thereby diversifying its client base. D.Core aims to increase its profitability by focusing on following objectives including enhancing revenues and focusing on quality and reduce the cost base. Currently, the company is aiming to become one of the leading wooden manufacturers but it is still looking to expand its client list by adding more products to its portfolio and coming up with new designs along with quality. Both these objectives will be accomplished through a combination of training and the use of new machinery and equipment. As a result, the company’s profit is going to increase. The company's overall strategy is based on a continuous improvement process of setting objectives, measuring results, and providing feedback to facilitate further growth.

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